When it comes to a great complexion, all you need is skin -- and Task Essential.

At the end of the day humans on both sides of the sex aisle are looking to achieve the same results out of their skincare regime: a youthful appearance with a complexion that is healthy and in top condition.


Task Essential packs the Essentials – pure oxygen, along with nature’s most powerful youth-enhancing ingredients and cutting edge technologies into every bottle of product.


After receiving a skin analysis from a TASK FORCE member (shout out to Lilia!) at my local department store, she established the rotation I needed to put my best face forward.   The result?  I am finally braving the world without foundation and concealer for the first time since my teens.

The winning regimen turned out to be as easy as 1-2-3!






As an NYC commuter, my skin is at the mercy of the elements. A windy day gives my skin a chapped and ashen appearance, and a humid day makes my face feel like an oil rig. 

To handle the year round demands of commute-to-the-city living, these products create a system of care my skin continues to benefit from day after day:

  1. CLEAN - FACE WASH. This foaming gel cleanser gives me the squeaky clean feeling without drying my skin.  My complexion is clear and in perfect balance.
  2. HYDRATE - SKIN FEED ACTIVE MOISTURIZER. Absorbed in an instant, this lightweight moisturizer delivers key nutrients, hydration and revitalizing oxygen in every pump. My skin looks as great chasing a cab crosstown in the zero degree winters as it does when subway platforms hit the triple digits in summer. 
  3. TREAT – SYSTEM RED REGENERATIVE TREATMENT.  Designed to rejuvenate the skin while you rest, this ultra potent performer fights free radicals and strengthens skin with rare snow algae while combining oxygen with anti-aging and regenerating ingredients to visibly improve the skin’s texture and eliminate uneven skin tone.  My skin is radiant, looks super healthy and fatigue-free – which as a New Yorker, makes all the difference.

                Task Essential is gearing up for its tenth anniversary of bringing the world the best that Swiss Cosmetics have to offer. From now until our anniversary date of December 5th, I will be sharing my Perfect TEN tips and tricks for putting your best face forward and getting the most out of your Task Essential products every Friday via Facebook (www.facebook.com/taskessential) and Instagram (@taskessential).  If you can’t wait until Friday (great skin waits for no one!), tweet me and the TASK FORCE at @TaskForSkin and we will answer any and every question you have.


    Wishing you a bright, light, radiant day!


    COO, General Counsel

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