SOS turned WOW with Eye Rescue Serum

- Tonya Giver, Contributor
Working at a computer everyday for what seems to be all day can certainly wreck a youthful look.   Though I cannot change my work, I was desperate to change my work-influenced appearance.
My symptoms?
1.  Tired, fatigued eyes with fine lines and wrinkles
2.  Dark circles concealer was no match for
3.  Just-woke-up puffiness that never went away
My skincare regimen has always included eye care, and is often accentuated with eye masks.   Until recently, this has worked for me.  However, a move from the west to the midwest, increased business travel and computer time that covers 7 time zones worldwide not only caught up to me, essentially, I was flat out run over.
from SOS to WOW
As a bonafide beauty junkie, it was a pleasure to try something new for my eyes.  I understood the oxygen infused element of Task, and anticipated much like the oxygen masks I have come to cherish at the spa, this formula every day could give the delicate skin under my eyes a much needed boost.   What I wasn't prepared for was how quickly my eyes went from sad to glad!
Eye Rescue contains liquid oxygen and green tea.  Green Tea is an extraordinary anti-oxidant that helps strengthen capillaries and promote microcirculation to get tired, engorged blood vessels under the eyes circulating to relieve dark circles quickly.  Add to that by boosting oxygen in the skin, its normal function is made better.  After a week, my eyes looked brighter, fresher and wide-awake.
Application Tip:  When applying Eye Rescue, use your ring finger and apply from the outer corner of the eye towards the inner corner (towards the nose), then around the eye area and back again.  This motion helps stimulate circulation, releasing unwanted water (puffiness) through the inner eye tear duct - the body's natural way. 

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