Get the Look: Our nominees for the Best Groomed “It” Styles of the Oscars


Let’s face it, facial hair changes a man’s look daily, making it the most noticeable, and often noteworthy, natural feature on a man’s face.Though many spent their Sunday and Monday morning following the best dressed lists, we asked ourselves, who won Best Groomed? 

 We had lots to choose from!

Three styles prevailed– clean shave, the shadow, and making a very strong showing this year, the full on beard.

 Let’s start with the clean shave.

Always a favorite when paired with a tuxedo, the clean shave is timeless, classic and very suave.  Our picks for best in category: Eddie Redmayne & Ansel Elgort



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Highlighting their handsome, chiseled faces, their clean shaves won our vote by emulating a golden vibe of old Hollywood.  Important to this look is zero irritation. Be sure to give your skin its best shave everyday with Task Essential Sweet Shave Gel & Stop Burning After Shave featuring rare snow algae from the Swiss Alps.

The shadow is a style on the red carpet that continues to trend every awards season.  It’s unkempt with just the right amount of “I could have, but didn’t” to make it sexy.  Winning our vote for this somewhat hairy category were Adam Levine and Steve Carrell. 


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(Credit Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Maintaining the shadow is more than just the work of good clippers.  Because the skin is always visible, the right products to firm and smooth the skin is key, as well as keep the skin hydrated and itch free.  Try Task Essential New Time Rejuvenating Serum & Skin Feed Moisturizer

Last but not least is the category that continues to grow and delight us with its many styles.  Once considered to be best kept in very cold weather, the beard has become a style-maker with many options to keep it looking its best!


For this reason, we have 3 winners for best beard in ascending order:  Common, Chris Evans and Jared Leto.


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(Credit Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


Common kicked off our best of the beard list because its just the right size.  Keeping it full, yet clean and shapely compliments his face and ultra-smooth scalp. Chris Evans sported well-maintained fuller growth, groomed to accentuate his finely chiseled facial features. Last on our best of the beard list is Jared Leto.  Leave it to a rock star to pull off this look!  His long, full beard and longer, wavy hair absolutely work for us!  

When sporting a full beard, its important to note the skin below beards can get itchy, and that dry skin can start to flake.  If you are shaving your neck, this tricky skin can also be prone to bumps.   Keep dry, flaky skin and bumps at bay with New Skin Exfoliator that uses beads and a potent fruit enzyme to remove dead dry skin.  With any beard, the eyes become the focus, so be ready for your close up every day (no puffiness or dark circles) with Eye Rescue Serum.


Do you have any Oscars to add for Best Groomed?  Have a Task Essential story to share? 


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