There are many reasons to take care of your lips, and LIP ACE covers them all!
LIP ACE is a treatment for the lips, addressing the most common concerns in terms of hydration and condition, and taking lip care to the next level with potent anti-ageing benefits. 
The skin of the lips is very sensitive and can be highly reactive.  Every day factors such as hot and cold temperatures can cause chapping and splitting.  To protect against the elements, LIP ACE harnesses a unique blend of oils and shea butter to deeply nourish, hydrate and protect the lips.
To keep lips looking their healthy best, and to address the unique concerns of ageing lips, LIP ACE harnesses the power of oxygen to boost youthful firmness along with mustard sprout extract to restore and replenish the natural volume of the lips. 
In a convenient tube with a flat, angled, ceramic tip, LIP ACE is easy to apply.  The formula glides over lips clear, is never sticky and has just a hint of black currant to make it both tasty and pleasant to wear.
Formulated in the Task Laboratories in Switzerland, LIP ACE was inspired by the demanding climate and conditions of the Alps. 
Whether you are gliding down a snow covered mountain, enjoying rays at the beach, or simply living life, LIP ACE is a must have for great looking, and feeling lips!
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