Peel Back the Hands of Time: New Skin Exfoliator

Its mid-summer, and for many of us, its been a hot one.  Our skin's thirst for moisture is met drop for drop with our body's thirst for more water.  Hot, dry temperatures can dry the skin, increasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or tend to cause oilier skin conditions, as your complexion works to balance moisture between the bonafide dry air of summer outdoors, and the dry canned air of summer indoors.

To keep your skin in top condition during the brutal months of summer, a good scrub is a necessity.  New Skin is a dual action exfoliator that gently sloughs away dry surface skin with rounded beads, while papaya enzymes clear away dead, dry skin cells.

This gentle, yet thorough action reveals fresh skin in minutes that can easily absorb essential moisture and keep your complexion protected against dehydration, which minimizes excess oil.  As an added anti-ageing benefit, New Skin contains algae and skin-loving minerals that replenish the skin post exfoliation, literally smoothing away visible signs of ageing.

The ultimate result?  Radiant, healthy, younger-looking skin.



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