In the Press: GQ-Approved Eye Rescue, from 6 Grooming Essentials You'll Be Glad You Own

Wine country. The Hamptons. Provence. Regardless of where you plan on taking a getaway to this fall, one thing is certain: To make the most of those glorious 72-ish hours, your packing game has to be on point—including what you put in your dopp kit.

Besides staples like a toothbrush and razor, though, what else you bring along will probably change depending on where you touch down. To make sure you don’t forget the essentials, we paired a few possible weekend escapes with location-specific grooming products to throw in your bag before you go. That way, you'll be prepared for whatever might be thrown your way when you get there.

You can thank us when you get back.

The Trip: The jet-setter that you are, you find a quick jaunt across the Atlantic perfect for a Friday night. (Even if you do have to be back by Monday.) London, Paris, the Alps; you're on your way wherever your inner pilot wants, really.

The Essentials: Rejuvenating eye cream to perk up the jet-lagged skin around your eyes. Infused with green tea and oxygen, this serum from Task Essential is one great choice. Alternatively, you could bring along some sleep meds for the plane and cut tired eyes off at the pass.

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