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Holiday Tried, Tested and True:  LIP ACE O2 LIP TREATMENT is an anti-aging lip treatment that DELIVERS conditioning and reparative benefits. 

Many people concentrate so much on their face for conditioning and anti-aging products, but did you know our lips also need that same kind of protection?  Lip Ace O2 was made to repair and condition lips by promoting oxygen that helps promote collagen production for firmer lips.  This lip treatment also contains mustard sprout which is a natural extract that will plump your lips for a fuller appearance.  Lip Ace O2 is paraben-free and is made with Shea butter, blended with oils of acacia, jojoba and sunflower soften and smooth the lips.  It contains Vitamin B5 which also supports the lipid barrier to hold in moisture. 

I love this lip treatment as a moisturizer and it also works well to wear under lipstick.  My lips feel smoother and softer and don’t peel!  YES!  This is a wonderful gift for the holidays, when the winter weather can be brutal on your skin and your lips need the same support you give the rest of your face.

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December, 2015

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