In the Press | Men's Fitness Grooming Spotlight: System Red O2 Regenerative Treatment

Too much fun over the holidays?  Or are you simply ready to take back your youth in the new year?  Whatever your motivator, we have your solution!  Men's Fitness chose their top 12 power products to bring the skin back to life- make you look a lot better than you may feel - and System Red O2 Regenerative Treatment is hot on the list!

System Red O2 Regenerative Treatment enhances the skin's natural overnight regenerative process to deliver outstanding results. Its unique, dual delivery chambers allow highly active ingredients to combine at the moment of application for the most potent effectiveness.  Skin texture and structure are strengthened, vitality is restored, and the appearance of lines and wrinkles is reduced.

  • Rare Snow Algae from the Swiss alps provides effective protection against damage due to environmental stresses.
  • High concentrations of Oxygen and Hyaluronic Acid boost skin's natural production of collagen for a youthful firmness, while ensuring maximum levels of hydration.
  • New generation Cyclopeptides and Argan Stem Cells promote cell renewal. 


So if its time to take charge and do a little damage control on your complexion, think RED - System Red O2 Regenerative Treatment.


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