Task Essential

Why Task Essential ?

Task Essential is made for skin.  Task was born from the brightest scientific minds in one of the most respected laboratories known for science and nature on the edges of beautiful Lake Neuchatel in Switzerland in 2004. Since its inception, Task Essential has been an innovative force in the realm of skincare — combining advanced technologies, active oxygen and rare natural ingredients to its cutting edge skincare formula’s for the care, beauty and youthful appearance of the skin.  From potent anti-aging, repair and revitalizing benefits, to the unique demands of shaving, Task Essential is the ideal solution for everyon looking for immediate benefits and lasting results.

Oxygen is an indispensable element in the life of skin cells. Building upon this fundamental fact, Task Essential formulates each product with oxygen molecules, vitamins, and rare plant extracts. Task Essential works to combat everyday factors such as aging, pollution, stress, or tobacco which deplete oxygen from the epidermis and rob the skin of this essential source of nourishment.