Task Essential

Press Release

Independence isn’t an abstraction, it’s an experience.

The retail world as we know it has been disrupted by the e-commerce revolution. TASK Essential has spent the past few years building its reputation by bringing to its customers and the market consistently high quality unisex skincare products. We recognize where the digital retail marketplace is headed and we embrace it. The retail world is no longer controlled by the traditional retailers who with the large-scale manufacturers have squeezed the life out of independent brands and unprecedented profits out of the consumer.

TASK views the consumer, in the digital era, as the creative force guiding our brand strategy and as the retailer. Therefore, we are lowering our prices, without touching the quality of our products, to reflect this new dynamic and reality. This change in pricing and mindset is long overdue in the retail consumer world especially in the skincare category. We thank all our customers who have been loyal to our products and our brand code of product efficacy. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the highest level of skincare solutions that you have come to expect, except now at a price that is realistic and that you deserve. To reflect our new business ethos we have redesigned the TASK Essential brand identity and packaging.