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Bronze Winged Vessel

Like an unfurling sail or stretched out wings gathering moving air, the fragrance heightens your senses.  It quietly thunders as it sits in its outer packaging, ready, waiting to take flight.  As a vessel, the blackened bronze’s pure, simple lines create a sense of serenity, an object of beauty that reflects a true sense of harmony.  When I imagined the design for the outer packaging, I was told that it would be difficult to make and even worst to transport, it would not survive.  Yet true beauty, with all its imperfections is everlasting, not just in a piece of art but in all of us. However, we must always reach for an ideal regardless of how difficult it may be to achieve or even for its absurdity.   Taking this design and transforming it into a vessel, each one, a bit different as they are made and poured by hand, truly allows you to appreciate how a finite object of this nature can transform space into infinitude.

Limited Series of 20, Each Numbered.

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