Designed by- Markos Lambros Drakotos

Made by- Francois Guillemin

Limited Series of 20, Each Numbered.

François Guillemin : Artist Bio

Artist François Guillemin, known as le Corbeau, is a rare breed of French Texan.

Born in Houston, four-year-old François took art classes at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and clearly remembers wandering around the Egyptian wing of the museum. He was enthralled with what seemed like a magical world of larger-than-life sculptures and precious jewels. This seminal experience was the impetus that lead François to pursue jewelry making and sculpture as his life’s work.

Returning to Texas after five years living in France with his family, François developed his silversmith skills as a teenager and readily accepted work. At San Diego State, he joined a community of artists and studied jewelry and sculpture, and specifically Surrealism. In 1976 he moved to Princeton, New Jersey to work at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture. In 1985, with nearly ten years under his belt at the Johnson Atelier, François decided to establish his own business. For twenty years, he worked out of a home-based studio in Princeton, assisting world-renowned architects to make furniture, lighting and railings, bringing to fruition magnificent ornamental metalwork projects.

In 2007, François renamed his company Firedance Studio – – and moved his operation and staff to a custom-built 15,000 square foot facility in Hopewell, New Jersey, where projects for both he and his clients across the country continue to expand in scope and complexity. His artwork can be viewed on the Instagram page @leCorbeau1 .