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Age Redeem O2 Anti-Ageing Treatment

Revolutionary anti-aging formula containing matrixyl, gotu kola extract, powerful anti-oxidant Stay-C 50, oxygen molecules as well as vitamins A, E and C, aims to give the look of more youthful skin, visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while the presence of Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C and E is known to synergistically protect the cells against free radicals while improving the elasticity, smoothness and brightness of the skin. The size of the product is 50 ml.

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Code Red Energizing Serum

A daily energizing serum uniting symphytum root, moringa seed, rare snow algae and peptides with soy protein to help revitalize the skin’s appearance.   Hyaluronic acid and glacier water promote hydration.  Potent antioxidant formula for all skin types that helps enhance the skin with a more firm and toned appearance. The size of the product is 30 ml.

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Eye Rescue O2 Active Eye Serum

Invisible and non-oily, this serum delivers younger looking eyes by reducing under-eye puffiness, visibly minimizing dark circles and erasing wrinkles by increasing the skin’s elasticity. Infused with green tea extracts and pure oxygen molecules. Use day and night over the entire eye contour area. The size of the product is 20 ml.

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Face Wash Cleansing Gel

Cleanses and detoxifies to leave skin clear and fresh while gently erasing impurities, boosting microcirculation and reducing irritations. Hypoallergenic for all skin types, even sensitive. Infused with Ginko Biloba extracts. The size of the product is 100 ml.

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Lip Ace O2 Treatment

Anti-ageing lip treatment that delivers conditioning and reparative benefits.  Oxygen promotes collagen production for firmness.  Mustard sprout extract plumps for a fuller appearance.  Vitamin B5 supports the lipid barrier to hold moisture.  Shea butter, blended with oils of acacia, jojoba and sunflower soften and smooth the lips. The size of the product is 10 ml.

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New Time O2 Revitalizing Serum

Enriched with oxygen, peptides, antioxidant Edelweiss and vitamin C to revitalize the skin’s appearance and promote hydration.  Use daily on face and neck after cleansing. The size of the product is 30 ml.

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O2 Essential

A fresh, sensuous fragrance created with powerful aromatherapeutic benefits.  Designed with the concentration of an eau de parfum, O2 Essential provides a long lasting fragrance experience where each note evokes a sensation of well being.

Fragrance | Feeling Notes:
Top | Happiness:  Lemon, Mint, Apple
Middle | Calm: Lavender, Basil and Geniver
Base | Confidence: Sandalwood, Musk
To Use: Spray onto pulse points of wrists, neck and behind ears.  The fine parfum oils will work with the body’s temperature to naturally refresh throughout the day

The size of the product is 100 ml.

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O2 Oxywater Spray

Swiss glacier water mist infused with oxygen for a more toned appearance and to promote hydration boosted with antioxidant Edelweiss.  Excellent to refresh the skin post cleansing and post shave, at the gym and anytime throughout the day as desired. The size of the product is 100 ml.


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System Red O2 Regenerative Eye Complex

System Red O2 Regenerative Eye Complex enhances the natural overnight regenerative process to deliver outstanding anti-ageing results.  Rare Snow Algae protects against free radical damage. Oxygen increases production of collagen for firmness, while Hyaluronic Acid ensures maximum hydration. Nonapeptide, Argan Stem Cells and Madecassoside promote cell renewal. Glycosaminoglycans, Rumex Occidentalis Extract and Vitamin C eliminate and prevent dark circles. Apply each night to the eye contour. The size of the product is 15 ml.

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System Red O2 Regenerative Treatment

Task Essential System Red enhances skin’s natural overnight regenerative process to deliver outstanding results. Dual delivery chambers allow highly active ingredients to combine at the moment of application for the most potent effectiveness. Rare Snow Algae from the Swiss alps provides effective protection against damage due to environmental stresses. The size of the product is 30 ml.

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